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  • Nylon Running Strips for effortless rolling action
  • Springs designed for 15,000 cycles
  • Rubber Coated Guide Stops for smooth operation
  • Bottom Weatherseal to protect from elements
  • Available in single and double width openings


  •  Wide range of colours.
  •  Stylish centre lift lock.
  •  Pressed square-line panels reduce deflection and the visible effect of seaming joints.


  •  Waist height, pick resistant lock with double bar locking action.
  •  Steel door stops.

Ease of Operation

  •  Nylon running strips ensure that your door rolls up and down effortlessly.
  •  Lifting handle, available as optional extra, provides convenient operation and easy lifting of door.
  •  Internal lock snib provides easier internal lock use.
  •  Precision springing and pressed steel drum combination ensures consistent balance.

Weather Protection

  •  Colorbond steel, our preferred supplier, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate*.
  •  Weatherseal provides an efficient seal for protection from the elements.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

  •  Nylofelt running strips.
  •  Rubber coated guide stops.

Strength & Durability

  •  Springs designed for 15,000 cycles.
  •  Aluminium bottom rail, designed to provide a rigid stiffening rail to the bottom of the door curtain.

Large range of sizes

  •  The Firmadoor Roll-Up door is available in sizes up to 3000mm high and up to 5100mm wide.


  •  3 year (pro rata) warranty on door curtain, covering steel cracking and lock seam failure, for domestic applications, 12 month warranty on surface (excludes salt corrosion) and all other parts in domestic applications

As with all types of garage doors, for optimal trouble free performance and safety, we recommend you have your door serviced annually.